The Beacon Way Pt. 4

Saturday 22nd September 2018. A planned walk starting on an as-yet un-walked part of The Beacon Way.

Our original plan had been to catch the bus to St. Micheal’s Church in Rushall, however as we were running a little late due to a surprise hairdresser appointment, we hopped off early at the Labour Club and picked up The Beacon Way on Harden Road, where it crosses the disused South Staffordshire Line. We were then walking home, travelling The Beacon Way in reverse to our travels to date, up to The Finger Post and then along the path we had walked out and back last weekend.

The second surprise of the day was the free-roaming horses on this bit of land just off Harden Road. A few of them were tied but 5 or 6 were just wandering free, in an urban “park” (for want of a better word).

The BW travels longs the Western edge of this parkland up to the Goscote Sewer works, where it turns left and heads up the to the Wyrley and Essington Canal. Navigation for the 7km is easy, The BW just follows the canal until The Coppice Industrial Estate by Clayhanger.

The day was miserable and it drizzled the whole afternoon/evening. Just enough to keep us slightly damp and glad of our hat/hood but not enough to get us soaked.

When we got to Pelsall North Common, though, we had a change of mind. After a quick cider at The Fingerpost pub, we decided we’d take a different route home. We’d already walked the rest of The BW that would take us home. So we went a couple of hundred yards back up the canal to the start of “The Cannock Branch” and walked up that branch toward Norton Canes.

Unfortunately, this was when Sharon’s Fibro kicked in and she was in pain for the rest of the walk. We stopped at The Toby Carvery at the Turf island and tried to order her a taxi with no success, so we took the most direct route home through Little Norton, up to Chasewater and across Norton Bog.

Including stops, the walk took us about 4.5 hours. We walked about 15km / 9 mile.

I’m recording the route (currently unfinished) for The Beacon Way, as it exists when we walk it, on a Google Map here…



Davis Cup Tennis GB v Uzbekistan 14th Sept 2018

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