20191015 Swim #25

Today’s #AspireChannelSwim felt much easier than yesterday’s but somehow I ended up doing 2 fewer lengths in the same period.

I wonder if the issue is not so much variance in my stamina or fatigue from day to day but an inability to pace myself consistently.

I’m now ahead of the target to achieve 60 miles by 1 Dec for the first time and I guess I need to decide whether I
– continue to do as much as I have been to build up a buffer in case I’m unable to swim at some point
– set a higher target; or
– start to dial back how much I’m swimming every day.

You can follow my progress at http://theaardvark.co.uk/2019/10/aspire-channel-swim-2019-progress/

I’m undertaking this swim to raise funds for the Aspire Spinal Injuries charity and you can donate at https://justgiving.com/fundraising/theaardvark-2019-channel-swim

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