20191016 Swim #26 – Halfway!

Between 9th November, when the challenge started, and 1 December, when it finishes, I think I can get in 52 swims (not on weekends or holidays). So that means today’s 26th swim is halfway through!

And, at halfway in I’m almost exactly halfway to my 60-mile target.

I had a train to catch this morning so I had to drag myself out of bed a 6:15 to ready to get in the pool at bang on 7am. And I only had time for 45 minutes of swimming. I managed to fit 74 lengths in, which is still just a smidge short of a 100-lengths-an-hour pace.

I’ve not really talked about the change in my fitness level that I’ve seen so far. After 5½ weeks of swimming, on average, 66 lengths a day for 5 days a week I am definitely noticing an increase in my stamina and, if judged by my swimming speed, my strength. I’m not losing weight but I am getting slimmer. My shoulders muscles are bulking up and I’ve developed pectoral muscles that I’ve never had before. My thigh muscles have also bulked up significantly but I suspect that might be more to do with the 93 mile walk a few weeks ago. I recently increased my protein intake with a whey-protein shake every day and that has improved my recovery time and, I think, the pace at which my fitness in improving. It also seems to have stopped the muscle aches and cramps I was getting overnight.

Today I discovered that there’s a leaderboard on the Aspire Channel Swim website. Whilst I’m down in the mid-900s in terms of money raised, I’m up in the top 30 for distance swum. https://www.aspirechannelswim.co.uk/leaderboards/individuals/order/distance/p3#board

I’m not entirely sure that discovering this was a good thing.

I’m undertaking this challenge for 2 reasons. Primary for me is the physical fitness aspect, creating a challenge that keeps me undertaking physical activity and pushing my fitness. However, it’s also a fundraiser for the Aspire charity and raising money keeps me motivated. I’d be very grateful if people would sponsor me at https://justgiving.com/fundraising/theaardvark-2019-channel-swim

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