20191021 Swim #29

In hindsight, it would seem that a 2 hour, 2.9 mile swim in addition to the hour-long swims every weekday was not a good idea.

Despite the 2 day break over the weekend, I was still feeling the after-effects when I went for today’s swim this morning. And I’m still feeling the effects now. I’m a little concerned that the muscle fatigue might be sufficient to curtail my swimming plans over the next few weeks.

I’m going to try to keep up the hour-long swim for the next few days but I might have to cut it back a little if the fatigue, particularly in my right shoulder, doesn’t ease soon.

Today’s swim started slowly. I shared a swimming lane with someone who swam alternate lengths either with a slow breaststroke or standing, walking crawl. Pacing is not my strong point so this helped me ease into the swim.

I still managed the hour but only completed 92 lengths. Someway short of my usual 98ish.

I guess I’ll know better whether I can swim an hour a day and recuperate from a long swim at the same time in a few days.

I’m up to just over 37 miles and £70 sponsorship. You can sponsor me at http://justgiving.com/fundraising/theaardvark-2019-channel-swim.

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