20191022 Swim #30

What a diff a day, 29 hours to be precise, makes. I started today’s #AspireChannelSwim feeling less fatigued & with no residual pain in my shoulder. I felt better than I have for the past week.

Today’s swim was a lunchtime one. I had a rough night with insomnia last night so I figured I’d miss the morning session and get a few extra hours kip. Lunchtime at Burntwood Leisure is often a little quieter than the 7am session and it was so today. I had the “fast” lane to myself on & off for half of my swim.

Within 5 minutes I was thinking my body had been lying to me again but that passed quickly. I hit the 1-hour mark feeling good and pushed on for an extra 15 mins with one eye on the Distance Swum Leaderboard.

At 1hr 15 mins I happened to have completed exactly 3km. I was feeling good enough to continue but didn’t want to risk fatiguing myself for the rest of the week.

I’ve started to think about my stroke technique. Now that I’ve upped my fitness to a point where I can swim for a decent time/distance the next thing to focus on has to be how well I’m doing it. The Aspire Channel Swim Twitter account linked to an instruction video from Zogg (the challenge sponsors) and I found this one from them on freestyle / front-crawl technique. I was surprised to see just how long the swimmer demonstrating left his leading hand in the front before starting the next stroke. It’s going to take some practice to do that I think.

I’ve reached the 39 miles mark for my swim since 9th September and (I had) jumped up to #21 (although I’ve dropped to 23 as others have updated during the day) on the Distance Swum Leaderboard, less than a mile behind the next place and a top 20 ranking. :¬) https://www.aspirechannelswim.co.uk/leaderboards/individuals/order/distance/p3#board

Don’t forget you can sponsor me at https://justgiving.com/fundraising/theaardvark-2019-channel-swim to give me a little encouragement to continue this challenge for the next 5 weeks. :¬)

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