20191023 Swim #31

Another lunchtime 3km in my #AspireChannelSwim today.

I was focussing on my technique today after seeing some Zoggs videos posted by AspChannelSwim recently.

The video on freestyle/front-crawl suggests lowering your stroke rate and keeping your leading arm out in front of you almost until your returning arm reaches it. The arm stroke is reasonably flat to the body pulling water down your body all the way to your hip. You end up moving in a series of bursts instead of a constant speed. I think it will improve my swim but it’s a little more tiring whilst my muscles get used to the slightly different action. My shoulder and latissimus dorsi muscles are aching tonight and I think I might struggle a little tomorrow.

I’ve passed the 40-mile mark today and, as at 2pm today, I’m into the top 20 on the leaderboard.
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