20191024 Swim #32

After a couple of lunchtime swims, today was back to a 7am swim with time for just an hour before work.

7am is a busy time at Burntwood Leisure Centre. By the time they let us through at 6:55am there was a queue of about 10 of us. As the newcomer to this early-morning group, I’m yet to work out where and how everyone prefers to swim. I ended up sharing the “slow” lane with someone who, thankfully, swam at a similar place to me for the first 30 minutes. For the second half-hour I shared it with a woman who is also doing the #AspireChannelSwim and who swims at a similar pace to me.

Yesterday’s change of technique, which uses muscles slightly differently to my previous technique, has taken its toll on my shoulder and side/back muscles so I was having to alternate between the two to manage the fatigue. Even so, I’ve been aching all day since. It showed in my pace too, completing just 92 lengths in the hour.

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