20191028 Swim #34

Today’s swim was a much stronger one than I was expecting. I felt unwell over the weekend and didn’t do much other than watch TV. So I expected to struggle to even make it to the pool, let alone swim particularly far.

Having dragged myself out of bed, with the help of a caffeine drink, and to the pool I told myself I’d aim for a 45-minute swim and make up the extra 15 minutes during the week. However, as soon as I started swimming I realised I felt better and less fatigued than I have 3 or 4 weeks. So I figured I’d get a full 2 miles in.

Despite feeling good, when I stopped for a breather at the hour mark I’d only done 88 lengths. A full 10 lengths fewer than I’d done in the same time a couple of weeks earlier. This would partly be due to the fact that it was a busy session in the pool and I wasn’t in “the lanes” so I was having to dance around with other swimmers sharing the same space. But my pace does seem to have slowed over the last few weeks. Instead of the 98 lengths per hour that I was achieving, it’s now more usually 92 or 94.

You can see the record of my total mileage and a link to my Just Giving page on my Aspire Channel Swim log.

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