20191029 Swim #35

My second 2 miler in a row. And 5 minutes quicker than yesterday. Partly because the pool was much much quieter than yesterday and I had a lane to myself for much of the time. By fluke, this puts my total distance so far at exactly 78.000 km.

My pace is still slower than it was 2 weeks ago. For the first hour I focused on trying to keep my pace up but when I took a breather at the hour mark I’d still only done 94 lengths. I have no idea how I was managing 96 – 98 before or why my pace has dropped a little.

I’ve bought myself some new swimming headphone and they are fantastic. Before I started this challenge I knew one of the issues I would have would be getting bored if I tried to swim for anything more than 10 minutes. Unlike walking, there’s no scenery or variation in terrain to keep you interested and occupied. So I bought myself a cheap (£30) pair of Tayogo bone-conducting swimming headphones to see whether listening to music whilst swimming was feasible and whether it would make a difference. And I promised myself that if they did work, if I stuck at the Aspire Channel Swim and if I thought it was likely that I would continue swimming after the challenge finished then I would buy myself a better, more expensive set.

The Tayogos absolutely did work and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap set, if they were still available, but it looks like they’ve been discontinued.

So over the weekend, I ordered some AfterShokz Xtrainerz and the difference is incredible. The sound clarity is superb and they’re fantastically light and comfortable. Occasionally with the Tayogos it’d take some fiddling to get them to sit right and with a really long swim they could start to get a little irritating (as could the goggles and nose clip). The AfterShockz are so comfortable that even after the 2 miles I could still barely feel that they were there. Only the continued sound let me know that they hadn’t just fallen off. With the Tayogos listening to music was fine but any spoken word sections kind of got lost amongst the noise of the water. In the AfterShokz the clarity seems got enough to listen to spoken-word audio opening up the possibility of listening to audiobooks or language courses whilst swimming.

The Tayogos (left) and the AfterShokz Xtrainerz (right)

I’m hoping to be able to complete 2 miles a day all 5 days this week and you could encourage me on that with a donation to the Aspire charity on my JustGiving page.

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